RivKit started with the idea of providing simple kits to teach kids about how to build aluminum aircraft, similar to the popular Vans Aircraft series.  The first RivKit is based on the RV-7 aircraft. The kit is a flat piece of aluminum cut out and it’s finished size is aproximately 5″ long x 6-1/4″ wide x 1-1/2″ tall. The first one I assembled took 20 minutes. Painting takes longer. It only took a few minutes to spray paint this yellow plane after assembly.

     3D Rendering Exploded ScreenHunter_08 Feb. 14

The motivation to design and provide the first RivKit was initiated by the the ASK (Airway Science for Kids) program in Portland, Oregon.  ASK needed a hands on project to quickly teach kids some basics about how aircraft are constructed.

Building a RivKit is easy:

  1. Buy a RivKit.
    The kit comes with a pre-cut flat aluminum parts and rivets.
  2. Snip the parts apart.
    Use a flush cutter to get clean cuts.
  3. File and sand the edges smooth.
  4. Apply stickers, if you have them and if they cover areas that will be bent.
    Some stickers can be applied after the riveting.
  5. Bend the parts.
    Use pliers or a table vise for accurate bends.
    Be careful to bend left and right parts in the correct direction.
    Small bend adjustments can be made after complete assembly.
  6. Rivet the parts together.
  7. Enjoy!